Auction Items for 2017!

Here’s the list YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR  by category!

We will be closing the silent auction boards at 7:25, 7:35 and 7:40, with Our Staff and Our Own going last before we start the Live Auction- so plan your night accordingly!


  • • Disney Passes and $250 AirBnB gift certificate.  Fabulous passes AND a place to stay how awesome is that?
  • • Tour of Lucas Films.  One lucky family gets an insiders tour of the place where all the creativity happens.  May the Force be with you!
  • • Private Talk for 4 lucky bidders with one of the creators of Minecraft Storymode. Your kids will enjoy an afternoon talking Minecraft and learning how it was created!
  • • Behind the Scenes Innovation Tour of YouTube
  • • A Day at the Races. Tour of Horse Stables and a Day at the Turf Club at a VIP table plus enjoy a $100 gift certificate!
  • • THE FOODIE PACKAGE. Dine to your hearts delight at some of the best restaurants in San Francisco!  Frances, Octavia, Delfina & Restaurante Milano!
  • • Adult Barrel Tasting while Kids Hike. Taste wine and enjoy a mellow afternoon while your kids hike through the vineyards at Private estate in Sonoma!
  • • A Chocolate Lovers Dream. Tour of Dandelion Chocolates, and gift certificates to Charles Chocolates, Shaw’s and Christopher Elbow. Yum!
  • • Whales Tour, The WipeOut and Bischoff Coffee
  • • Wine Tasting and Ferry Ride Rosenblum Cellars.  Take the day and head over to Rosenblum for a luxurious day of wine tasting with charcuterie platters and take home 4 bottles of wine!
  • • 6 Front Row Graduation Seats.  No need to get to graduation early!  You’re all covered!
  • • Principal for the Day
  • • Two (2) Months Second Community Childcare
  • • 4 Front Row Spring Concert Tickets & 2 VIP Parking Passes.  Always rushing from work to get to school.  No need!  Front row seats & VIP parking make for a very easy evening!
  • • FUND-A-NEED! This year it’s about Experiential Learning opportunities!  This is where we expand our kids minds and provide them with experiences they would not normally have!  Feel the excitement!
  • • ART AUCTION! A collection of some of the most spectacular pieces of art created by the classes and assembled by some of our most talented parents!
  • • Drawings for Wine Cellars, Beer Cellar and Travel Raffle!



———–The following boards close at 7:25PM———–


  • – Blink Inc. Professional photography shop..perfect for holiday pix
  • – Professional Room Painting by Erik Dokken
  • – Seesaw: Boy Talk. Girl Talk. Be Friends! Classes!
  • – Drum Lessons with Mick Berry– Drummer & Teacher Extraordinaire!
  • – 2 Hour Photography shoot of your kids or family by Maddy Turskey


  • – FASHIONISTA! (JCrew & Limited Edition Print by the winner of Project Runway Christian)
  • – THE BOOKWORM! (Books Inc, Comix Experience Graphic Novel Bookclub, West Portal Books)
  • – Ambassador Toys $20 Gift Certificate


  • – Deluxe MicroCurrent Facial & Dermabrasion by our own cosmetologist Carla Martino
  • – Keratin Treatment at Patrick Evan Salon
  • – An Essential Facial at Fix Studios
  • – NaiNai’s Cosmetics– Anti-Aging Cream and More
  • – Rodan + Fields Skincare Gift Basket


  • – The Walt Disney Museum (4 tickets)
  • – California Academy of Science (2 Tickets)
  • – de Young Museum Passes for a Family of 4
  • – A 2-hour walking tree tour lead by San Francisco’s Urban Forester, Chris Buck


  • – BE HEALTHY! Mission Yoga & $25 gift certificate to the Pressed Juicery
  • – BUFF BUNS AND BICEPS! 17th Street Fitness 10 classes & $25 to Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • – Bikram Yoga Nob Hill
  • – Peek-a-Boo Factory (5 Day Passes!)
  • – Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 gift certificate
  • – Hi-Five Sports Zone
  • – San Francisco Gymnastics $100 Gift Certificate
  • – Sports Basement $100 gift certificate
  • – Hammer Workout Classes (5 classes)
  • – La Baleine $100 towards swim lessons
  • –  SF Bay Club Tennis one month membership (up to $1,500 value)
  • –  SF Bay Club JUNIOR Tennis Academy one month membership
  • – SF Youth Ballet $75 towards summer camp 2017

———-The following boards close at 7:30PM———-


  • – 2 Tickets to Any DISNEY RESORT/PARK
  • – Bear Valley Cabin Summer Vacation (From Taj’s Parents Amanda and Barry Hutton!)
  • – Bay Area Children’s Theater 2 tickets
  • – Acro Sports certificate
  • – Urban Putt (2 games each for the Top 2 Bidders!)
  • – Scandia Golfland Laser Tag OR MiniGolf (4 passes)
  • – SIGNED PS4 Minecraft Story Mode– The Complete Adventure
  • – SIGNED XBOX ONE Minecraft Story Mode– The Complete Adventure
  • – Young Performers Theater 2017 Season Tickets!
  • – Funtime @ Fairyland for 4!
  • – SIGNED- Kwame Alexander Book “The Playbook”
  • – Mahler @ the San Francisco Symphony, Sunday, April 2nd 2pm
  • – Test Drive a SURGICAL ROBOT! At Intuitive Surgical’s headquarters!
  • – 2-night, 3-day stay at a cozy cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Stangle/Buck Cabins)


  • – Two Tickets to Foreigner’s 40th anniversary tour with Cheep Trick!
  • Taco’s, Tequilla and a Show  $50 to Tacolicious, A tacolicious cookbooks and 2 tix to The Chapel
  • The Giants, The Padres and $100 to Pedro’s Cantina
  • The Giants, The Nationals and $250 to MOMO’S
  • The Giants, The Diamondbacks and $100 to Ozumo!
  • Be a Local Tourist! Whale tour, Rainforest, & Bischoff coffee coupons
  • The Giants, The A’s and good eats $100 to Pete’s Tavern!
  • The Giants, The A’s and $75 to The WipeOut!
  • Poker and Indian food night $100 Buy-In!
  • – $100 towards Cirque du Soleil tickets!


  • – DARN GOOD DINING AND STIFF DRINKS! Serpentine and Sea Star Bar $150
  • – La Mediterranee $50
  • – Outerlands $100
  • – GIVE ME CAKE! And some Ice-cream! Icecream Bar, Suzie Cakes & Schuberts Bakery $140
  • – Ozumo Restaurant $50
  • – Max’s Cafe $50
  • – I’M IN A “HAYES”! Suppenkuchke and Loving cup yogurt $75
  • – IT’S A POLK FEST Mezacalito and Saint Frank $75
  • – GIVE ME DOUGH! The Mill, Marla Bakery & Arizmendi $90
  • – CAFFINATED Coffee Bar & Bischoff Coffee $79
  • – I’M A SOUTHERN BELLE The Front Porch & Rusty’s Southern $125
  • – Bi-Rite $50
  • – Panera gift certificate $15
  • – 18 Reasons Cooks Membership $50
  • – Artesano/Rigolo $30 gift certificate
  • Schubert’s Bakery $25 gift certificate
  • Cheesecake Factory $50 gift certificate
  • Blue Barn $25 gift certificate
  • Little Chihuahua $30 gift certificate
  • Ice-cream Bar $20 gift certificate
  • 18 lbs of Starbucks Coffee Beans $180
  • 5 lbs of Starbucks RESERVE– Small Batch Roasted $50
  • – $30 Gift Certificate to Arizmendi Bakery
  • – The Coffee Bar $25 Gift Certificate
  • 6lbs Starbucks Espresso Christmas Blend Coffee Beans $60
  • Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky Madeira Cask Limited Edition $90

———-The following boards close at 7:35PM———-


  • Pedal Boating on Stow Lake with Annalyse
  • A Walk and Pizza with Ruth & Bailey
  • Feature as a ‘Special Guest’ in Kindergartner Thaze Antonio’s YouTube Channel – “About Creatures”
  • Jump with Kindergartener Ayala Einhorn
  • Movie at Alamo Drafthouse with Kindergartener Luca Jane
  • Star Wars Themed Lego Party with Kindergartener Koby Gershman
  • The Prothro Family cleans up your yard
  • 2 hours of jumpy house w/ Matteo Bello
  • Pizza and a private viewing of “Sing” and more with Kindergarten, Mason Allmer!
  • Mini Golf & Lunch with Kindergartener Thara
  • Ethan and Lorenzo’s Excellent Adventure at the Exploratorium
  • Italian cooking class- gnocchi & tiramisu!
  • Jump on Trampolines at House of Air with Kindergartner Gia Sambrone-Meyer!
  • Making Icecream and Pasta from scratch with Kindergartener Sophie Fettinger
  • Make Gnocchi with Kindergartener Tobin’s Aupair Veronica from Sardinia!
  • Elkus Ranch with Kindergartener Maya Ament


  • Eco Tour 1st Grade Class
  • Modeling with Recyclables with 1st Grader Ethan Pearlmutter
  • Lego playdate and pizza with 1st grader Jasper!
  • Date to be decided with the winners. Top 2 Bidders Win!
  • Hot Tubbing and Pizza Making Playdate with 1st grader Shea
  • Dream Sleepover at 1st Grader Lucy’s House
  • Delicious Lemon Bars, made with homegrown lemons!
  • Bug Pinning Party with 1st Grader Emile Greenhouse
  • Camping trip at the Tarantula Festival with 1st Grader Emile
  • Discussion about Life, Beauty, and Psychology – a discussion with Barbara Kovac (Julian and Angie Amann’s Nana)
  • Nature walk and art party with 1st grader Sigal
  • Playdate and Henna with 1st Grader Sharvi
  • Playdate with 1st Grader Jamie at the Bay Club in Redwood Shores
  • Playground & Movie Playdate with Teacher Sam Sambrone
  • Playground & Movie Playdate with Teacher Allison De Wit


  • Hot Tub Time Machine Sleepover with Teddy Reibel
  • Academy of Sciences and lunch with 2nd Grader Isabella Matera
  • A Lunch & Movie Date with Debbie
  • Exploratorium and lunch with 2nd Grader Gabe
  • Join 2nd grader Silas Gomes at the Excelsior Science Workshop
  • SF Chinatown Walking Tour with 2nd grader Kody Gottschalk!
  • Slime Making with 2nd Grader Kevin and his sister!
  • Discover Glen Canyon with 2nd Grader Finn Sharples
  • 2nd Grader Emilio’s Exploratorium Extravaganza with lunch afterwards
  • Urban Putt Playdate & Lunch with Second Grader Leo Van Horne
  • Nature Journaling with Susie Leder!
  • Surf and Turf Dinner Party hosted by Emerson’s parents Jennifer and Calvin So


  • Go Trail biking with adrenaline junkie 3rd Grader Thavas Antonio
  • Home cooked South Indian Dinner at Rupa & Arun Antonio’s home (Parents to Thavas and Thaze Antonio)
  • Make Your Own Pizza with 3rd Grader Riya Rajaram
  • Jody’s Improv Class
  • Jump with 3rd Grader Samson Einhorn
  • Art with 3rd Grader Ari Pearlmutter
  • Stanford women’s soccer game with 3rd grader Eleanor Prothro
  • 1-Hour Young Art Lesson and froyo at Stonestown Galleria with 3rd grader Karly
  • Cal OR Stanford Gymnastics Meet with 3rd Grader Sona Kempner
  • Italian cooking class- gnocchi & tiramisu
  • Discussion about Life, Beauty, and Psychology – a discussion with Barbara Kovac (Julian and Angie Amann’s Nana)
  • Lego-stravaganza with 3rd grader Elias Sambrone-Meyer!
  • K1 Speedway and Chuck E Cheese with 3rd Grader Jaden
  • Sleeping Under the Stars with 3rd Grader Emilia!
  • Join Adrienne and Catherine on a hiking adventure covering several beautiful San Francisco sites


  • SFMOMA Tour with Ellen Weinstein & Shirvan Mahto
  • Movie night with 4th grader Lucia Cornelius
  • Explore the zoo with 4th grader Lucia Cornelius
  • Cook Italian Meatballs with Lucia and her mom!
  • Join 4th grader Sebastian Gomes at the Excelsior Science Workshop
  • Sewing Party with 4th Grader Lucia Greenhouse
  • Playdate and a picnic with 4th grader Eva
  • Pizza and Puppy Fun in the Park (aka) The “P” party!! with 4th Grader Dylan!
  • Afternoon Ice Skating with Fourth Grader Eve Axelrod
  • Six Flags with 4th grader Vega!
  • K1 Speedway and Chuck E Cheese with 4th Grader Evan

———-The following boards close at 7:40PM————–


  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with 5th Grader Daria Spitler
  • Chocolate Fondue Movie Night and Sleep Over with 5th Grader Daria Spitler
  • Explore San Francisco with 5th grader Alejandra Zamora
  • Lemon Raspberry Sponge Cake with White Chocolate Shards Prepared by Baking Enthusiast Susannah Reibel (5th Grader)
  • Band Practice Sleepover Party with 5th grader Lida Vanden Heuvel and Rocker mom Alicia Vanden Heuvel!!
  • Delicious Lemon Bars, made with homegrown lemons!
  • Mini Spa Day and Pizza Afternoon with 5th Grader Ava Antunovich
  • Pizza and Puppy Fun in the Park (aka) The “P” party!! with 5th Grader Ava!
  • Camping trip at the Tarantula Festival with 5th Grader Lucia
  • Lasertag playdate with 5th Grader Noah Stofferahn
  • Exploratorium Playdate with Asher Weston
  • Lunch and a movie with Teachers Olivia Pope and Amber Lewis Francis
  • Lunch & Movie with Teachers Olivia Pope and Amber Lewis Francis
  • Zip line through the Santa Cruz redwoods with 5th grader Lucy Gottschalk!


  • Chopped Salad Bar – prepared by Carolyn Reibel
  • Lunch Delivery to your Child’s Teacher – prepared by Carolyn Reibel
  • Cookie of the Month for 6 Months by Dana Warnery
  • Historic Sourdough Bread Making Experience with Dovid Coplon
  • Vice Principal for the Day
  • Master Detailer, Aaron Chae (Dad to 2nd grader Yeonkyung)
  • Weave a Scarf with Ellen
  • P.E. Playtime with Our Very Own Marc!
  • “Free Your Music” with Lisa Allen the Music Teacher
  • Baking homemade Chiacchere (Italian dessert) with Italian Consultant Claudia Vittoria with 5th Grader Lida
  • Italian Picnic with Rosella!