The Big Raffle!

Contact Melissa Nemer if you need more tickets or are not able to come in to get them or fill them out.  She will make the payment and fill-in process simple for you! 

How To Purchase Raffle Tickets: A few easy steps!

  1. A packet of 10 tickets will be sent home with each Second Community child.  Plus, tickets are also available at the auction desk.
  2. Fill-in each ticket you purchase with your name and telephone number.
  3. Drop them off with your check or cash at the auction desk in the secure raffle box!

Encourage family members to buy tickets!  Buy some yourselves!  And if you need more please contact Melissa Nemer at

*Fill in one of the raffle tickets and put that one, your payment and the rest in an envelope and we will fill out each ticket for you!